• Reformer Pilates Lucan

    Reformer Pilates Lucan

    New To Lucan!! ServiceYourBody.ie are the first to bring Reformer Pilates Lucan and have introduced 12 New Reformer Pilates Classes to their weekly Pilates Timetable. These classes introduce the use of the high tech Reformer machines which help achieve much quicker results to your core and overall body strength. ServiceYourBody.ie have added 6 New Allegro Reformer

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  • Reformer Pilates Lucan

    Reformer Pilates Lucan

    We are delighted to announce that after months of planning we are bring Reformer Pilates Lucan to our studio in Lucan village. Reformer Pilates Lucan is the next step in your Pilates journey. Reformer classes offer you a great way to build on the strength and flexibility you have developed in your Mat classes. Combining

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  • Healthy Body Workshop Series

    Healthy Body Workshop Series

    Healthy Body Workshop Series We are running a Healthy Body Workshop Series starting next Saturday with our: #1 Healthy Back Workshop – Understanding Low Back Pain. #2 Neck & Shoulder Series – Relationship between neck and Shoulder Pain #3 Hip & Knee Pain – Keeping them strong #4 Pelvic Floor Muscles: Why you should strengthen

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  • FREE Full Body Check Up!

    FREE Full Body Check Up!

    Do You Experience Pain? Do You want to be Pain Free? Are you in Pain…. would you like to understand your pain and how to be Pain Free. Contact us to book a FREE no obligation “Full Body Check Up” Your “Full Body Check Up” is a 20 min assessment were we assess your injury,

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