• A Case of Hip Pain

    A Case of Hip Pain

    Hip Pain Over the past 6 weeks we have been working with a lady in her 40’s with left sided Hip Pain, she reported having the hip pain for 1.5 years. She had a baby 2 years ago and the hip pain came on 6 months after having the baby. The hip pain was initially

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  • Tennis Elbow Exercises

    Tennis Elbow Exercises

    Tennis Elbow Exercises (Lateral Epiconditis) In the past month we have seen a lot of Tennis Elbow cases, more than we would normally see. The cause of each case is slightly different but they all involved a sudden increase in work and load through the hand and arms. One client had an increase in workload

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  • Reformer Pilates Lucan

    Reformer Pilates Lucan

    New To Lucan!! ServiceYourBody.ie are the first to bring Reformer Pilates Lucan and have introduced 12 New Reformer Pilates Classes to their weekly Pilates Timetable. These classes introduce the use of the high tech Reformer machines which help achieve much quicker results to your core and overall body strength. ServiceYourBody.ie have added 6 New Allegro Reformer

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  • Reformer Pilates Lucan

    Reformer Pilates Lucan

    We are delighted to announce that after months of planning we are bring Reformer Pilates Lucan to our studio in Lucan village. Reformer Pilates Lucan is the next step in your Pilates journey. Reformer classes offer you a great way to build on the strength and flexibility you have developed in your Mat classes. Combining

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