Range of Motion Physical Therapy clinic is managed by Andrew Tully. Andrew Tully from Range of Motion Physical Therapy clinic is a full member of the Irish Association of Physical Therapy (I.A.P.T.)

The I.A.P.T represents its members who practice Physical Therapy throughout Ireland. All treatments performed by I.A.P.T. members adhere to the guidelines of the I.A.P.T. – ensuring the integrity of our clients and your well being and wishes, which is of the upmost importance at all times.

All members of the I.A.P.T. meet and adhere to the strict criteria and standards set down by the association. The I.A.P.T. places great emphasis on its duty to regulate the professional and ethical standards to it members and provides the highest standard of care to clients.

Members of the Irish Association of Physical Therapists (I.A.P.T.) are graduates from the Institute of Physical Therapy. Physical Therapist graduates hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Health Science from the Institute of Physical Therapy. This degree is awarded by HETAC, the statutory authority for awarding third level qualifications in Ireland and is a full member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA)IAPT



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