Physical Therapy Clinic Lucan is the place to maintain your body in good working order by having your body serviced with us regularly. The vast WhySYBmajority of clients come to us when they are in pain, or they are past a point that their bodies can help themselves and need some assistance.

At Physical Therapy Clinic we have used our 5 years experience of Physical Therapy, Pilates and Mobility to create a dynamic program that develops Core Strength, Joint Flexibility and Mobility.

Core Strength, Joint Flexibility and Mobility are key elements to preventing injury. Our Body Maintenance programs are designed to build great core strength in a controlled class format, the program builds Strength and Mobility over a 6 week period.

Injury CycleIt is important to maintain your body in good working order, to ensure it will not breakdown through injury.

We combine our Injury Treatment Services and Injury Prevention Programs, to ensure if you are unlucky enough to be injured, we will be here to help resolve your pain and injury, and work together to get you back to your pain free state.

Get yourself down to us today for your bodies well over due service, and start working on your body’s Core Strength and Mobility.




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